Your kitchen is the epicenter of your home. Where you host Holiday dinners, have summer get togethers, graduation parties, and birthdays! You want to be proud of the space you spend 60% of your time in at home!

There are many questions to consider when thinking of remodeling your kitchen. Are we working within your existing space or are we making it bigger? Are we changing locations of appliances or islands? These questions can all be answered with a free consultation!

Maybe all you need is a style update!

Are you thinking that you really like the layout of your kitchen but you just want to update the style? We have great cost-effective solutions for this that fits many budgets! Maybe you want to just add new cabinets or maybe you want to just update your door styles. We can effectively work with many budgets and make sure your design goals are reached.

What does a style update mean?

A great question that many contractors will avoid talking about! We can keep your existing space and work within the confines of your space. This avoids the need for drywall removal and starting from scratch. We would be looking at updating the following:

  • Updating your Kitchen Cabinets or Doors/Drawers
  • Updating your Kitchen Hardware
  • Updating your Plumbing Fixtures
  • Updating your Light Fixtures
  • Updating your Backsplash
  • Adding in Detail Trim Options Like Crown Molding
  • Repainting your Space

If you want to expand upon your space or reconfigure your layout, we have solutions for you as well. This option may be more costly but still room for value engineering options that help save you money!

We would be looking at the following options:

  • Opening up your kitchen for a more open floor plan!
  • Adding Additional Appliances
  • Adding more Storage Solutions
  • Updating your Flooring
  • Adding Additional Plumbing Fixtures
  • Adding Additional Light Fixtures

What steps are involved with both service offerings?

  • Online Consultation with one of our team leaders or designers!
  • A Field measure by one of our estimators or ask about our free how-to guide and send us your measurements!
  • A detailed estimate and scope is provided free of charge
  • A follow-up call is scheduled to go over your detailed quote
  • If you choose to proceed with us, we then formalize and work with you on a start date!