Remodeling Your Bathroom

Your bathroom can be seen from many perspectives. From a place of comfort and reflection to a place of memories and nostalgia. Bathrooms are exposed to the most deadly element in construction, water! It can test the durability of your material and even when done 100% right, will need to be updated as well.

There are many reasons for doing a bathroom remodel. At Reficiency, we are here to help. Bring your bathroom up to style or completely start over! We are here to give you the options that best work for you. Check out below and choose from the option that best accommodates your design goals!

Maybe all you need is a style update!

If your bathroom is still in good condition, has the space you desire, and accomodates your needs, you may want to try out our Style Update Service offering!

What does that mean?

For one, the cost would be much lower than a traditional bathroom remodel. There would not be a need to remove all of your drywall and start from scratch. We would look at updating the following:

  • Updating your wall colors to a more up to date style!
  • Update your Bathroom Vanity
  • Update your Base Trim
  • Update your Flooring
  • Update your Plumbing Fixtures
  • Update your Electrical Fixtures

Another great question would be, what would we not do? There are certain items that we would want to avoid in this service offering that would potentially push us over the allowed budget of this model! The following tasks would be great examples,

  • Moving Plumbing Fixtures to different locations
  • Moving Electrical Fixtures and Outlets to different locations
  • Moving or removing load bearing walls
  • Extensive drywall removal

Maybe a full Bathroom Remodel would make more sense!

Maybe your design goals for your bathroom calls for something different. This may be you if you are looking to have your existing space expanded upon or reconfigured! Maybe you are looking to add a free standing tub into your existing bathroom and make your shower larger! The designs are endless and we are excited to walk you through all the steps.

What are the steps involved with both service offerings?

We would love to set up a consultation! The order in which we like to proceed is below!

  • Online Consultation with one of our team leaders or designers!
  • A Field measure by one of our estimators or ask about our free how-to guide and send us your measurements!
  • A detailed estimate and scope is provided free of charge
  • A follow-up call is scheduled to go over your detailed quote
  • If you choose to proceed with us, we then formalize and work with you on a start date!