Maybe your home renovation needs more of a custom touch. For example, you have some minor remodeling work to do in the bedrooms of your home, downstairs bathroom, and want your floors refinished. We are happy to accommodate a large range of home remodels. From partials to full guts, our team of licensed and insured contractors are well experienced in working in dynamic environments!

At Reficiency, we are happy to service all of our clients in a way that best suits them. Working with large and small budgets are a common thing for us. We will help guide you in hitting your budget while working along side our team leaders.

Here are some services that may spark your interest!

  1. Custom built-in cabinets for your office
  2. Partial basement finishing for a home gym
  3. Custom closet build-out for more storage
  4. A custom loft build in your garage for more functionality
  5. Custom Trim installation or crown installation within areas of your home.

Maybe you want to change the style of your home!

Some outdated homes just need a style update. In the ’80s and ’90s, the common colonial trend made its way in most homes. A low-cost way to update your home may be to update window casings, base trim, stair railings, wall colors, and door hardware. By doing so, you can help capture a new style to existing rooms with a low-cost budget in mind. Maybe adding built-in benches around windows and adding a custom mantle for your TV to sit on in your family room! The ideas are endless and can make a huge difference in your home.

With custom renovations, comes with custom scheduling. As these projects may differ greatly from trade to trade, the project schedule may also become less efficient than our bathroom and kitchen remodeling packages. With that being said, you can trust in the fact that we will tailor your schedule to best accommodate your everyday life. Maybe you want both bathrooms touched up with minor repairs and we may suggest we work on one at a time leaving you with access. Maybe we work on one bedroom at a time because you want to store your furniture in the bedroom that is not being remodeled. All schedules are made to function by taking into account a wide range of variables.

Get in contact with us today and schedule a call! We would be more than happy to offer a tailored quote that works with your goals.